Ahead of Malaria Awareness Day, a New Poem by Rotarian Greg Dunn

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Ahead of Malaria Awareness Day on 30 April 2022, we are publishing a new poem by Rotarian Greg Dunn on our blog. Read his previous poems here and here.

Rotarians against malaria is doing fine,
With all the countries we’ve got across the line,
But here to all of you a treat,
To get off your bum and on your feet,
To walk to raise cash and try your best,
To get rid of Malaria, like Timor Leste.
2 years more, they’ll have it beat,
Do you need more reasons to move your feet?
Vanuatu and Timor are doing well,
In battling mozzies bite mark swell,
But the rest of the globe ain’t doing great,
So now we need to agitate.
So get on your feet, and beat the bite,
That mozzies share the world each night,
One day I swear we’ll beat it flat,
Kids’ll say “Malaria, what was that?”