What if I am busy on Malaria Awareness Day, 30 April?

Malaria Awareness Day is on 30 April but you can clock your 4km throughout the month of April. Just send a photo to us and we will count your miles.

How do I collect donations?

You can ask your friends to use the donation link. If they’d like to donate in cash, you can use the donation link yourself. (Please try to keep track of your sponsors, so that we can calculate the amount raised by each Rotary District, and the total amount raised by each runner.)

Why is there a $20 registration fee?

We are trying to raise as much money as possible!

If I’m sponsoring a runner, do I need to register?

No, just go straight to the donation page here and let the runner you’re sponsoring know how much you’ve donated.

Can I get a receipt for my tax-deductible donation?

If you use the online donation page, you will automatically be sent one. If you donate to a runner in cash, please ask them for a receipt.

Does RAM have a fundraising goal?

Yes! Our goal is to raise $100,000 for projects in the upcoming year, so we are challenging each District to raise $5,250.

I’ve done my run and taken a selfie. Who do I send it to?

You can post in on your own social media and tag RAM Australia, or send it to