Malaria Poems

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Mosquito lifecycle

Mozzie start off as eggs,
Then they kinda get wriggly,
Then Larvae then pupae
Then they become Adults
live 2 months then become sickly (dead)

I’m happy I’m not a mosquito
Although I’d happily drink of some nectar
Females are the ones that suck blood
Look you could even dissect her

You could get sick with malaria
If the mozzie carries it to you
I really don’t want to scare ya but
Everything I have said is true

But do not stress or worry
Know that you have friends on your side
Take a malarial tablet before you go,
And thank goodness for Rotary worldwide.

The Mozzie march

In Malaysia they have monkey business
Or at least the mozzies do
They can feed off of humans and birds
And animals that might live in a zoo.
Over here the ladies are choosy
On whom they might choose for a bite
They love to bite those who are hot or in sweat,
So cool showers should set you ar’right.

Thanks to Mr Greg Dunn, Rotary Club of Whyalla