Malaria Poems

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Malaria Prevention: Cos it’s best to be safe, and not sorry

I wanna talk malaria,
I’m not here ta scare ya,
There are simple steps you can take,
In countries where
These vampire bugs live
The answers are real and not fake.
In question of dress,
It’s more and not less,
In length of both pant and of sleeve,
And be sure to wear,
Insecticide lotion,
If no bites you wish to receive.
At night it is best,
To sleep under nets,
For mosquitoes can make your heart worry,
But just remember
To do all of this,
‘Cos it’s best to be safe, and not sorry.

Pesky Malaria Mossies

Little vampire insect,
Who flies with a whine,
I don’t care that you drink blood,
But why is it always mine?

 Malaria Mossies: Who are we?

Female Mozzies drink blood,
Male Mozzies drink nectar,
why does she get to bite but still,
we get told to respect her!

It’s because she can make you so sick,
Night sweats and diarrhoea don’t mingle,
with all the things she can do to us,
is it a wonder why I am still single?

Thanks to Mr Greg Dunn, Rotary Club of Whyalla