These powerpoints are samples that can be used when presenting to Rotary clubs. To convert them from PDF format to a powerpoint, open the file in Adobe Acrobat, then open pdf > file > export to > powerpoint.

Introduction to Malaria & RAM 1995-2020 by Dr. Jenny Kerrison

RAM Presentation 2020 by Russ Stephenson (further notes available here)

RAM Presentation 2020 by Gloria Hargreaves and Shelley Gurney (further notes available here)

Chasing Malaria 2019 PNG

RAM Info

RAM’s Role in Malaria Control in PNG by Tim Freeman

The New Ireland Malaria Elimination Program by Dr. Ivor Harris

Applying for a Global Grant and the Lessons Learnt Along the Way by Bernard van den Bergen


2022 RAM Conference

Dr Qin Cheng – P. Falciparum Parasites Escaping RDT Detection and WHO Strategy

Dr Dan Evans – Scoping Study Project in NTT Province & Timor Leste

Dr Leanna Surraro – Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification

Dr Ivor Harris – MALARIA 101: An Introduction to Malaria Science

Dr Mike Edstein – International Engagement of ADFMIDI in Drug Resistant Malaria Surveillance & Elimination in Vietnam

Prof Dennis Shanks – Threat of Malaria Monkey: Plasmodium Knowlesi

Dr Maggy Lord – Spectroscopic Tools for Diagnosis of Malaria & Vector Identification

Dr Angela Devine – How to Think About Malaria Control and Elimination Like a Health Economist

Dr Nicole Lawrence – Developing Safe & Selective Antimalarial Peptides to Improve the Efficacy & Lifespan of Current Drugs

Dr Danielle Stanisic – MALARIA VACCINES: An Overview

Dr Danielle Stanisic – Plasprotect T Malaria Vaccine Update

Gloria Hargreaves – Update on RAM Projects: Vanuatu

2021 RAM Virtual Conference

Dr Jenny Kerrison – RAM Conference vision, mission, purpose

Camilla Burkot – Key Issues Impacting on malaria elimination in our 5 partner countries

Prof Maxine Whittaker – Civil society roles in malaria elimination in the Greater Mekong Subregion

Prof Dennis Shanks – Killing the Last Parasite

Dr Carrie Lynch – PAVE

PDG Dai Mason – Finish the Fight Update

PDG Dr Michael Moore – Politics, Power and Persuasion: How Rotarians Can Influence Government Politics

Dr Dan Evans and Jeffery Smith – Cross Sector Development Partnerships Initiative (XSPI)

Leo Makita – PNG Malaria National Strategy

Ross Hutton – PNG Malaria Elimination Strategies

JCU PhD candidate Lincoln Timidao at PNGIMR, PNG

Tim Freeman – Update on Chasing Malaria Program & RAM PNG

Dr Edgar Pollard – Active Case Detection Pilot Project in the Solomon Islands

Dr Tessa Knox and Wesley Donald – Progress on Malaria Elimination in Vanuatu

2021 Conference Recordings

2020 RAM Virtual Conference

The WHO External Competence Assessment of Malaria Microscopists Course by Dr Ken Lilley

Intersectoral Collaboration for Malaria Elimination by Prof Maxine Whittaker

Use of Tafenoquine for Vivax Malaria Relapse Prevention in the Asia-Pacific by Prof Dennis Shanks

Me, Malaria and Rotary by Shelley Gurney

Aquatain with Graham Strachan:

The Progress of Griffith University’s Malaria Vaccine Program by Dr Danielle Stanisic

Creating and Delivering a Toolbox of Disruptive Vector Control Innovations for Malaria Eradication by Dr Nick Hamon

Next 10 years: Progress & Challenges of Malaria Elimination in Oceania Countries by Dr Kevin Palmer

RAM PNG Updates by Tim Freeman

Closing remarks by Dr. Jenny Kerrison

2020 Conference Recordings

2019 RAM Conference – Guest Speaker Presentations

Pre-Conference Workshops

Dr Tessa Knox: Progress Against Malaria in Vanuatu and beyond: lessons from history

Len Tarivonda: Vanuatu Malaria Program Review

Tim Freeman: Can the PNG Chasing Malaria Project be replicated in other RAM Partner Countries

Saturday Sessions

AG Andrea Grosvenor: Solomon Islands Needs Assessment

Dr. Jenny Kerrison: Annual Review

Dr. Jenny Kerrison: RAM Overview

Prof. Brendan Crabb: WHO Malaria Reports & High Burden to High Impact Strategy

Prof. Dennis Shanks: Potential of New Anti-Malaria Drug Tafenoquine

Prof. Harin Karunajeewa: WEHI Update

Prof. Maxine Whittaker: Community Participation, Malaria Elimination & CS4ME

Prof. Stephen Rogerson: Overview & Research Findings on Malaria Prevention in Pregnant Women

Sunday Sessions

Dr. Jenny Kerrison: Update on Rotary Global Grant for Timor Leste

Graham Strachan: Aquatain AMF – Weapon Against Malaria

James Roberts-Thomson: RAM to Ride and Meal)

Len Tarivonda: Vanuatu Ministry of Health – Malaria Elimination Situation, Challenges & Needs

Tim Freeman: PNG Malaria Statistics & Chasing Malaria Project Update

2018 RAM Conference – Guest Speaker Presentations

Prof Denis Shanks: Why it will take a long time to eliminate malaria

Assoc Prof Helen Evans: First Malaria World Congress updates

Tim Freeman: Chasing Malaria In PNG

Albino Bobogare: Overview of Malaria incidence and control in Solomon Islands

Edgar Pollard: Impregnated Outdoor Screens 

PDG Graham Jones: Malaria Vaccine Project

Dr. Danielle Stanisic: Development of Whole Parasite Blood-Stage Malaria Vaccine

Dr. Merita Monteiro: Progress, Challenges and Way Forward, National Malaria Program Timor Leste 

Dr. Theresia Sarlyn Ralo: Malaria in Indonesia’ Nusa Tenggara Timor Province (modified for website)

2017 RAM Conference – Guest Speaker Presentations

RAM 2017 Conference Review – D.Pearson (intro) RAM 2017 Solomons Review – D.Pearson (on behalf of Wayne Morris) RAM District Chairs Session – D. Pearson

RAM PhD Understanding human behaviour in Malaria hotspots – 2017 E.Pollard

Timor Leste Presentation to RAM 19 August 2017 – Dr. Merita Monteiro

Rotaract Presentation at RAM Conference 2017 – M.Shields

2017 Conference – Solomon Islands Presentation – Ben Rickie

June 2017 Rotary Volunteer Trip to Timor Leste – Jenny Kerrison and team

2017 Chasing Malaria In PNG RAM Australia T.Freeman (.ppt) 2017 Chasing Malaria In PNG RAM Australia – T.Freeman (condensed) (.pdf)

Malaria Elimination in the Southwest Pacific – WEHI – Prof. Harin Karunajeewa

Malaria Elimination – Aus Army Malaria Inst. – Prof. Dennis Shanks

Diagnosing Asymptomatic Carriers of Malaria – A.Prof. Bayden Wood

Institute of Glycomics – Malaria Vaccine Project – Development of a Whole Parasite Blood-Stage Malaria Vaccine – RAM talk 2017 amended for web – Dr Danielle Stanisic