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Source: WHO/ Yoshi Shimizu 2019

Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM) in Southern Region, Australia, is raising funds to support the “End Malaria in Vanuatu – for Good” program.

While Vanuatu is close to eliminating malaria in some areas, gains are fragile and action must continue to reduce malaria infections throughout the country. It is important that malaria services are maintained – and even intensified. The recent devastations caused by Cyclone Harold have posed another challenge. There are grave concerns about malaria upsurges in Vanuatu, in particular Sanma and Malampa provinces where malaria is already a major health problem.

Source: WHO/ Yoshi Shimizu 2019

We know that malaria brings unnecessary suffering, developmental delays in children, and huge economic losses to families already living close to the poverty line. Pregnant women and children are vulnerable to malaria. In 2018, globally, there were 228 million malaria infections with 1,109 deaths each day. One child dies every two minutes.

Source: WHO/ Yoshi Shimizu 2019

The Vanuatu Program is focused on preventing malaria. The funds raised will be used for three priority projects. First, we need bed nets to protect people from being bitten by malaria-infected mosquitoes when they are asleep at night. Second, we need to buy equipment and insecticides to spray inside houses to protect people. Third, Vanuatu will conduct a nationwide campaign to get EVERYONE (communities, private organisations, and all sectors within the government) to engage in chasing malaria down to zero.

EVERYONE has a part to play to make sure that Vanuatu reaches zero malaria by 2023.

How can Rotarians help?

Please support Vanuatu’s drive to reduce malaria down to zero. Support the “End Malaria in Vanuatu – for Good” program. Your investment will mean many lives will be spared from malaria disease.

Note: As currency on the RAWCS website is Australian dollars, we can only accept overseas donations by Direct Credit and Bank Draft in Australian dollars drawn on an Australian Bank. Overseas donors cannot put though their donation on an overseas credit card.

Please donate via:  https://donations.rawcs.com.au/104-2019-20.

For more information, please see here: Southern Region Fundraising for the Vanuatu Malaria Elimination Program.


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