Quarterly Update: May-July 2021

In addition to our quarterly newsletters, you can read on to find out about the main highlights from the last quarter.

By Dr. Kerre Willsher D9510 & Dr. Jenny Kerrison D9830

Speaking at Rotary clubs is a key strategy for us to raise awareness of the scourge of malaria in our partner countries, and of RAM’s humanitarian work. Despite periods of lockdown due to Covid-19, many of us found opportunities to promote our work to Rotary Clubs. For example, in the Northern Region Dr. Russ Stephenson reached out to 11 Rotary clubs in his District and also found time to establish a D9600 RAM Committee. Likewise, in D9510, Central Region RAM Supervisor Cherilyn Fleming has been busy presenting on RAM at 11 Rotary venues.

Our foundation for success is our District-level Rotarians. We are continuing to strengthen our capacity in our Rotary Districts by establishing RAM District Committees. RAM now has six (6) RAM District Committees, and they are in: D9600, D9830, D9810, D9820, D9710, and D9790.

Many of us also participated in our own Rotary District Conference, for example: D9830, D9710, D9510, and Districts 9455 and 9465 at their combined conferences.

We thank our network of volunteers for their support. In the Southern Region, Gloria Hargreaves has warmly welcomed new members Bryce McNair, Vivienne Blennerhassett and D9830 RAM Supervisor General Surgeon Dr. James Roberts-Thomson as RAM team leaders. We also extend our warm welcome to newly re-districted D9560 RAM Supervisors, Tony Bell and Pene Curtis. And, congratulations to Bill Wattam who is now our D9710 RAM Supervisor. At the RAM National level, a huge thank you to immediate past National Secretary Gloria Hargreaves who retired in June 2021. She will be missed at the National level.

Fundraising is critical to help end malaria in our partner countries. Southern Region RAM Supervisor Gloria is “ecstatic” to report that up to June 2021, the Southern Region had raised over $20,000 for RAWCS/RAM. We are also seeking donations from New Zealand. Nationally, RAM will match funds raised up to $30,000. Fantastic effort everyone. In District 9800, Dr. Jacob Opio participated in the National Malaria Awareness Day (MAD) Fun Run event as a Cyclist on April 30th.

A BBQ in District 9810 (Victoria).

Great job RAM D9800 Supervisor GP Dr. Jacob Opio! Shelley Gurney in D9810 has been promoting awareness of RAM through the RAM BBQ (see photo), RAM National Fun Run / Walk event and interviews on local radio. Libby Wilson RAM District 9820 Supervisor and her team are selling raffle tickets with proceeds going to Eliminate Malaria in Vanuatu-for Good.

In D9830, RAM District Committee member Dr. Jenny Kerrison raised over $5,000 with help from her Rotary Clubs of North Hobart, Lindisfarne, Claremont, Sorell, and many others who supported two fund-raising events.

RAM Quiz Night organized by D9830 RC North Hobart’s Dr. Jenny Kerrison, Geoffrey Wood, Tippy Jaroenrit, and RC Sorell Nina Huang.

The Western Region, supervised by Peter McKenzie, had a major achievement in 2020-2021 with the Rotary Foundation (TRF) approval of the Rotary Global Grant for “West Timor Zero Malaria-One Island at a Time.” The Grant was for the sum of USD$125,350. That is amazing. The stakeholders are now working on the implementation phase. This Malaria elimination project is a new era for Rotarians Against Malaria with expansion into Indonesia in West Timor Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) Province, Indonesia. It is BENEFICIAL TO ALL CONCERNED!!!