Rotaractor Driving Malaria Elimination Awareness in Tasmania

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D9830 Tasmania RAM District Committee: A Rotaractor driving malaria elimination awareness in Tasmania

Welcome to our new RAM District Supervisor Rotaractor Thisarani Jayasinghe, Rotaract Club of Central Coast.

A meeting of the RAM D9830 Committee is being spearheaded by Thisarani Jayasinghe from the Rotaract Club of Central Coast.

The RAM D9830 Committee was established in 2017 by Dr. Jenny Kerrison, and now has six (6) members. As a result of COVID, the Committee commenced regular meetings online. Thisarani (not in the photo) is mentored by Southern Region RAM Supervisor Gloria Hargreaves and National RAM Manager Dr. Jenny Kerrison. Thisarani is from Sri Lanka, a country declared malaria‑free in 2016 by the World Health Organization. 

At a recent meeting at Thisarani’s club, RAM D9830 Committee member Rotarian Dr. James Roberts-Thomson (on the right of photo) spoke about RAM and malaria.

Plans are underway for 2021. Members are organising speaking events at Rotary clubs in D9830, to raise awareness of the need to end malaria. A request for a Conference booth was submitted to our DG Michael Plunkett for the District Conference in March 2021. Also, in 2021, Committee members are planning a fund-raising Quiz Night in the south, and north-west of Tasmania.

If you would like to invite a RAM speaker to your club and / or partner with us to run a Quiz Night, please contact:

By Dr Jenny Kerrison